How to get the most out of 72 hours in Cunnamulla! What to see, what to do and where to eat and drink!

Well firstly, I will say you should spend more than 72 hours in Cunnamulla! There is so much to see, do and amazing friendships to be made! However, we wanted to provide a jam-packed itinerary for those who may be pushed for time and need to know the best way to spend 3 days in Cunnamulla and it’s surrounds! So, buckle up and get ready to sleep for a day or two after spending these 3 days in Cunnamulla!

What to do:


Attend a Festival:


One of the things this beautiful country town is well known for is the Cunnamulla Fella and what better way to spend your 72 hours in Cunnamulla than celebrating with a festival. The Cunnamulla Fella festival to be precise. Every August (yes August is just around the corner, time get planning) Cunnamulla is host to a vibrant, country, family friendly and fun filled festival! Its packed with history, rides, workshops and of course a rodeo! It is the perfect way to see everything Cunnamulla has to offer in just a short time. This year the festival runs from 30th – 31st of August. We will be doing a full blog on the festival in the upcoming weeks so keep your eye out for that to help with your planning. Whether you time your visit with the festival or not keep reading for some other amazing activities to fill your 72hrs (or more) in Cunnamulla! For additional information you can check out the official website.

Visit The Cunnamulla Fella Statue

If you can’t line up your trip with the festival, no need to stress you can still get your dose of Cunnamulla Fella History! A must stop location is the Cunnamulla Fella Statue. The Cunnamulla Fella is a song written by Stan Coster and sung by Slim Dusty, a tribute to the Aussie stockman.  Located in front of the Paroo Shire Hall on Jane Street, It’s the perfect place to get that tourist snap.  Pair this with a town tour, through Club Boutique Hotel, learn the in-depth story of the Cunnamulla fella and the statue as well as the history of the different areas, buildings and sights of the town.

Kayak The Warrego River

The Warrego River flows through Cunnamulla and is a magical, picturesque, wildlife filled water system with so much to offer. One of the best ways to really immerse yourself in its beauty is to kayak on the river itself. Spend the morning, afternoon or all day paddling up the river stopping on the various banks along the way to take it all in. You can take a guided tour with Club Boutique Hotel or hire your own kayak and go at your own pace. Gum tree’s, Yapunyahs and Coolabah’s grow along the river banks and provide shade along your paddle. They create eerie yet beautiful scenery over hanging the water and are home to some incredible bird life. A photographer’s delight! Take a packed picnic and enjoy the serenity and the river banks all to yourself.

Sand Boarding

One for the family! While you’ve more than likely heard of snow-boarding, chances are you are wondering just what ‘sand’ boarding entails. If you are imagining snow-boarding on a sand hill you are pretty spot on. While our sand boards aren’t quite as complex as a snow board, they will essentially do the same thing, thrust you down a hill. It’s great fun and makes for some epic stacks and stories to tell! On the outskirts of Cunnamulla, you will find naturally formed sand hills, an odd sight from the usual flat, dry and red dirt landscape throughout the majority of Cunnamulla. Sand boarding definitely gets the adrenaline pumping and not only will your muscles be sore the next day, your cheeks will be to! You can find out more about sand boarding at Club Boutique Hotel. If you can squeeze it into your 72 hours in Cunnamulla than we highly recommend!  

Mud Baths Eulo

Not far from Cunnamulla, a mere 67km drive west, you can find yourself relaxing in the outback’s finest artesian mineral enriched mud bath. Fancy a spa day? This is the place to be! Eulo’s Artesian Mud Baths are located on the Adventure Highway. With Sunset viewing tubs now available it is certainly not an attraction to be missed on your trip to Cunnamulla.

Opal fossicking

Fancy fossicking for Australia’s national gem opal?  A little further on from Eulo is Yowah, it is home to the ‘Yowah nut’.  The Yowah nut is an ironstone formation that when cracked open sometimes contains an opal. There is a public fossicking area located in Yowah where you can also hire fossicking equipment such as a picks and buckets. It is a great family day while learning plenty about the opal! You might even get lucky and find an opal that will cover the rest of your holiday costs! 😉

Sunday Roast Campfire Dinner

Depending on what day of the week you are in Cunnamulla we would love to se you at our Sunday Roast Campfire dinner. A perfect end to the week, sing along’s, 3 course meal, good company and a toasty fire! We host them every Sunday at Club Boutique hotel, if you’re unsure, check out our recent blog which contains a video re-cap of the night! I know you won’t be able to say no after watching!

Where to stay eat and drink?

Lastly the biggest question of all, where to stay, eat and drink??? Luckily for you Club Boutique has it all! Enjoy our standard rooms, our two-bedroom suites or if your feeling extra adventurous try out our glamping!  Not only do we have you covered for your beauty sleep, but we have boutique beer and wine tasting every day to! And of course, we always a fully stocked bar. We have daily lunches from $10 and dinner at our restaurant to. Club Boutique is the perfect place to base yourself for a jam packed 72 hours in Cunnamulla or a slow and steady week’s holiday with us. Either way we can’t wait to see you soon!

Don’t forget to check out the maps below to help you plan your trip if your coming from Brisbane or Sydney!

Brisbane to Cunnamulla
Sydney to Cunnamulla

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