Club Boutique Hotel Entertainment Recap!

Club Boutique Hotel Entertainment has had an incredible 6 weeks, too good not to share we thought! Our restaurant entertainment has been some of the outback’s finest and we want you to know about it!  

A few weeks ago, you would’ve caught the blissful sounds of our musicians Michael Fix and Luca Stricagnoli. Both exceptionally talented and a true delight for our diners and guests.

The following week we had the pleasure of hosting Glenn Shorrock, Peter (Pip) Joyce, Jason Vorherr (Tours with Darryl Braithwaite as guitarist and back-up singer might we add) and of course Stuart Wilkinson who tours and plays piano for Ross Wilson. Their pilots we even a part of the band! With John Morrison on Guitar / Drums and Jake Barden on the sax! They joined in on an impromptu jam session and wow, were we and the other guests impressed, not to mention lucky! We had front row seats. When they departed, they left us feeling charmed and proud, mentioning that they felt so welcome and comfortable at Club Boutique Hotel they wished they could stay every night, it was wonderful to hear their feedback. 


Stay tuned for Club Boutique Hotel Entertainment to come, we have some exceptional talent on the way! We can’t wait to see you soon.

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