Outback Queensland’s most iconic Hotel’s and Pub’s! You’d be wild not to stop for a cold one at these beauties!

We’ve compiled a list of Outback Queensland’s most iconic Hotel’s and Pub’s. They have all the essentials, friendly folk, cold beer, a good pub feed and a place to rest your head!

Birdsville Hotel

Located in none other than Birdsville QLD. Some have labelled it Australia’s most iconic pub, (were not sold just yet, there’s some solid contesters on this list)! However, most iconic or not, it’s one you wouldn’t want to miss. The Birdsville Pub was built in 1884 and was Heritage listed in 1992, its history is invaluable. However, it’s existence was not always smooth sailing, the pub has endured some of Queensland’s wildest weather, including fires, sandstorms, cyclones and floods. The story is fascinating and one you should visit to learn!

We think that the Birdsville Hotel’s character is what makes it one to remember. Some of its most memorable traits include the “Hard Yards” Hat wall/ceiling. A commemorative gesture to those who have put in the hard work to contribute to Birdsville in a positive way. The criteria being they must have “achieved at least one year of unbroken service” and are then invited to hang their hat inside the Birdsville Pub. A section is also dedicated to remembering those who have since passed and left a positive mark in the community. If you’re heading to Birdsville for the Big Red Bash, Birdsville Races or just ‘because’, Birdsville Pub is certainly a great place for a cold one!

Betoota Pub

Betoota is probably most well known for having a population of 0. Simon Remienko was the owner of the Betoota Pub for over 40 years, after he passed away in 2004, the town became uninhabited. The pub remained as the one and only structure of the ghost town.

In 2014, based in Sydney, a satirical online newspaper was started. It was named “The Betoota Advocate” the paper was extremely successful and has been a positive impact on the town, with many only learning of the town’s existence from the viral sensation of ‘The Betoota Advocate’. It is now a popular spot to stop for fans of the online newspaper.

In 2017 the Pub was purchased by a new owner Robbo Haken who began renovations in the hope of re-opening. It has been a lengthy road to get the pub to legally re-open but it’s well under way! It is not ready yet, but you can stay up to date with the grand opening here. Even if the pub hasn’t opened, it’s a truly unique experience to visit the town so we are sure it will be even more enjoyable when the beer is flowing! It’s saying something if the pub isn’t open yet and it still made our Outback Queensland’s most iconic Hotel’s and Pub’s list!

Club Boutique Hotel

Located in Outback Cunnamulla, Club Boutique Hotel boasts charm and authenticity! You can stay in luxury hotel suites or even try your luck with glamping. Club Boutique is one of Cunnamulla’s oldest hotels. The walls are lined with history (literally) The photos span from one wall to the next starting in black and white and as time travels on the coloured pictures appear! 

Club Boutique owner Pieta Mills knows more about the town of Cunnamulla and it’s surrounds than you’d find in an Encyclopedia! Pieta offers town tours to learn about not only the club’s history but the rich history and heritage of Cunnamulla.

Club Boutique offers craft Beer and Wine tasting, has a full dine in restaurant attached, where nothing short of gourmet meals are served for lunch and dinner. This year it turned into an entertainment restaurant for 6 weeks, with acts travelling from  across the country to perform. The entertainment restaurant was a huge success and will be back next year from the 1st of June through to the end of July, with some fantastic acts in store.  

In addition, Every Sunday evening Club Boutique hosts a campfire dinner by the fire. Enjoy country tunes, a roast dinner and shared stories by the fire. It’s a genuine outback experience and certainly our favourite on the Outback Queensland’s most iconic Hotel’s and Pub’s list!

North Gregory Hotel

Winton, renowned for its dinosaur fossils and opal mining, is home to the North Gregory Hotel. The original hotel was opened in 1879. One of the Hotel’s claims to fame it is known to be the first place “Waltzing Matilda” was played by Bajo Patterson as he was passing through in 1895. As all Aussie know “Waltzing Matilda” went on to be referred to as Australia’s unofficial anthem.

It is also known that meetings held at the North Gregory were the start of a little something called QANTAS too! The North Gregory’s history is rich, and it still has plenty to offer. Today you can learn about the swagman, with an ‘immersive theatre show’ around the campfire that’s aired every day at the North Gregory.

The North Gregory Hotel also offers themed dinner nights every Monday through to Saturday with a different theme each night, be sure to check their website for updated details. Lastly the hotel is known for its fun filled “Sundays at the Gregory” It’s essentially a party every Sunday! There is food, drinks, games, and of course quality people. Be sure to include the North Gregory Hotel on your trip to Outback Queensland. 

Walkabout Creek Hotel

Nothing screams ‘Iconic Australia” like Crocodile Dundee…right?? Weather you answer yes or no, Walkabout Creek Hotel, Mckinlay, makes the list. Known for and made famous by it’s inclusion as part of the set of the Paul Hogan film “Crocodile Dundee” released in 1986.

It is a popular spot to stop and snap a picture amongst the memorabilia while you are hit with a big case of nostalgia. Not only can you have a beer at the same bar as “Mick Dundee” but you can check out his ‘Never Never Safari Tours’ truck from the set! The Hotel has basic room accommodation or camping, serving lunch and dinner and of course cold beer!

A trip through Outback Queensland wouldn’t be the same without stopping at one (or all) of these iconic Outback Pubs! If you have already been, let us know your favourite in the comments!

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