Outback Queensland’s iconic ‘must do’ experiences!

Of course, there are plenty of spectacular towns, landscapes and places to visit on your outback adventure (Cunnamulla included). However, there are also some incredibly characteristic and symbolic outback experiences to be had on your adventure too! We have put together a list of some of Outback Queensland’s iconic ‘Must Do’ experiences.

1. Sleep under the stars

Usually you save the best for last right? Well not today, this ‘must do’ outback experience is both magical and breath taking, and therefore takes its rightful position at the top of our list.  With no lights, no cars, no noise and no buildings, the outback sky transforms into a blanket of stars each and every night. It is one of the most beautiful and fascinating places to stargaze. There is only one way to make the experience truly unforgettable; rolling out your swag, and sleeping under the blanket, blanket of stars that is 😉

2. Have a beer with a local

Lucky for you, we have already compiled a list of Outback QLD’s most iconic pubs for you to enjoy a nice cold beer in! However even luckier for you, we also know the best local to enjoy it with! Sure, enjoying a beer is nice, but having yarn with a local while you drink it is even better. They can provide you with some fantastic insight into the outback. They have many years’ experience living, working and travelling the outback so have some great stories to tell! If you have travel questions, or itinerary questions, they are great at suggesting ‘must stop places’ for the most authentic experiences!

Peieta, owner of Club Boutique Hotel knows the history of Cunnamulla like the back of her hand and loves sharing all there is to know about the outback! If you are passing by Cunnamulla we suggest stopping for a beer and a chat! Club Boutique hotel even offers a special beer perfect for the occasion “Cunnamulla Characters Brewed” The range of craft beer replicates some legendary Cunnamulla personalities into unique flavours, certainly an experience we recommend! Of course we’d suggest staying a while to. You can read our blog on the best ways to spend 72 hours in Cunnamulla for some suggestions. Of course you can book our luxury accommodation here.

3. Swim in natural mineral waters

The Great Artesian Basin in Australia’s is the largest Artesian basin in the world. Water lies far below the surface under the majority of Queensland and into parts of South Australia and the Northern Territory. Water discharges from the Great Artesian Basin via various natural springs or via bores that have been drilled to tap into the water. Either way it can create some wonderful swimming spots filled with natural mineral enriched water. There are several places throughout QLD when you can bathe in the warm waters. It is certainly a once in a lifetime swim! Water from the Great Artesian Basin can be extremely hot and dangerous, it is important to only swim at designated swimming spots. Some of our favourite spots in Queensland include;

The Great Artesian Spa Mitchell , located in Mitchell QLD, has 2 pools filled with artesian water. One naturally heated from the Great Artesian Basin and regulated to a comfortable temperature. The second pool is far cooler and a welcomed feeling after spending a while in the heated one!

Artesian Mud Baths Eulo, located in Eulo QLD, slightly different to the usual natural swimming springs, here the artesian water discharges on the surface as mud! Mud enriched with various minerals such as Silica, Magnesium. Potassium, Calcium, Iron and Zinc. It is a wonderful day out, and while it’s not quite a swim, it is certainly just as nice! Your skin will be silky smooth after your day at the mud baths! We wrote about the Eulo Mud baths in our How to get the most out of 72 hours in Cunnamulla Blog too!

Charlotte Plains, We mentioned Charlotte Plains in our previous blog on 8 places to Camp in Cunnamulla and surrounds. A perfect spot for an afternoon swim at sunset, it doesn’t get much better.

4. Glamp in the Outback

It’s no surprise glamping made the list, glamping has been trending for a while and we’re not surprised. Combine a gorgeous bell tent, luxury linen and a plush bed with the added bonus of the outback landscapes and colours and you’ve got yourself a dream set up! It’s a totally unique experience and one we highly recommend. Club Boutique in Cunnamulla offers Glamping in Outback Queensland. You can book here. Additionally, we put together a list of the 5 best place you can glamp in Outback Australia in case your travel plans don’t include QLD just yet!

5. Learn the History

Learning the History is definitely on our Outback Queensland’s iconic ‘must do’ experiences list. The outback is home to beautiful diverse landscapes, incredible people and unique experiences. However it also has an incredibly rich history. You can learn about the outback, it’s people, monuments, landscapes and stories by chatting to locals, visiting the local information centres and of course by touring the area. Club Boutique Hotel in Cunnamulla offers wonderful town tours, you can learn the in-depth story of the Cunnamulla Fella, as well as the history of the different areas, buildings and sights of the town. Many outback towns offer experiences like this and they are well worth it!

6. Fossick for Opals

The Opal is Australia’s national gem-stone. They are mined in various places across Australia with Outback Queensland, South Australia and New South Wales being prime spots. Of course you can join in on the fun and try your luck at finding one of the beautiful stones for yourself. It is a great family activity and certainly an iconic must do while you are travelling the outback! You can mine for opals in Outback QLD at, Yowah, Winton, and Quilpie.

7. Attend an outback festival or event.

If there is one thing Outback Queensland known how to do, it’s throw a Festival! There is an abundance of festival’s and events to choose from including the Cunnamulla Fella Festival, Winton’s Way out West Fest, Winton’s Outback Film Festival, Birdsville Races, the Betoota Races Music in the Mulga Eulo and the Big Red Bash to name a few! You will need to plan ahead for an experience like this, tickets to these events are selling out in record time with record numbers! Big Red Bash 2020, sold out in 1 day this month and will see over 9000 people attend the festival next July! If that doesn’t prove these events should be on Outback Queensland’s iconic ‘must do’ experiences list than we don’t know what will!

8. Sit and enjoy an outback sunrise or sunset.

Last, but certainly not least is winding down to watch one of the outback’s most spectacular visions! Sunrise and Sunset. The most vivid oranges, reds, yellows, pinks and purples you can imagine, they make for a beautiful start or end to the day. It is hard to describe their beauty which is why we have included them on the list of Outback Queensland’s iconic ‘must do’ experiences! Time to see one for yourself.

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