Brett Moody Reflections of a Race Calling Journey

Reflections of a Race Calling Journey: Brett Moody 40 Years in the Saddle

Introduction: A Journey from a 44-Gallon Drum to International Streams

In the world of horse racing, where the roar of the crowd meets the thundering hooves on the track, few roles are as crucial and exhilarating as that of a race caller. For Brett Moody, a journey that began with a humble 44-gallon drum in the back of a ute has led to four decades of unforgettable moments, lifelong friendships, and a front-row seat to the pulse-pounding world of racing.

A Chance Beginnings: Cunnamulla’s Call to the Young Brett Moody

In 1982, on a fateful day in Cunnamulla, a 14-year-old Brett Moody stepped into the shoes of a race caller for the first time. The previous caller couldn’t make it, and young Brett was thrust into the spotlight. Guided by his love for racing and a bit of phantom calling experience, he took on the challenge with excitement and nerve. Little did he know that this experience would be the ignition for a lifelong passion and career.

From Phantom Calls to Standout Races: Evolution of a Race Caller

Brett’s early days were marked by limited resources and training. His phantom calls and exposure to the racing world through his mother, who was a tab agent, were the stepping stones. Armed with borrowed binoculars and a box to stand on, he navigated his way through his first race at Cunnamulla, capturing the thrill and excitement for the listeners. As he grew, so did his skills, and he learned that the world of race calling was a mix of technical know-how and raw emotion.

The Mentorship That Shaped a Career: Meeting Tim Moses

A turning point in Brett’s journey came when he crossed paths with Tim Moses at Enngonia. Tim’s guidance not only improved Brett’s calling capabilities but also introduced him to the intricacies of binoculars—how their magnification and lens diameter impacted the race calling experience. Tim’s influence not only improved Brett’s technical abilities but also left him with a stand and a set of binoculars that he would cherish for decades.

From One-Liners to International Streams: The Changing Landscape

While the core art of race calling hasn’t changed much for Brett, the world around him has evolved dramatically. The transition from borrowed binoculars to a personal set marked his journey, but the advancement of technology revolutionised the landscape. Live streaming made races accessible globally, and while this brought more exposure to the sport, it also introduced the scrutiny of armchair experts. The camaraderie of the past remains, but the challenges have taken on new forms.

Gratitude and Future Horizons: 40 Years and Beyond

As Brett reflects on his remarkable four-decade journey in race calling, he’s grateful for the experiences, friendships, and moments that racing has brought into his life. From remote racetracks to bustling cities, he has traversed the diverse landscape of Australia’s racing scene. While challenges like travel costs and the rise of armchair critics have surfaced, Brett’s commitment to the sport remains unshaken.

Conclusion: A Legacy of Passion and Dedication

Brett Moody’s journey from a 44-gallon drum to international streaming is a testament to the power of passion, mentorship, and perseverance. As he looks ahead to potentially reaching 50 horse race meetings called, his legacy lives on not only in the races he’s called but in the friendships forged and the indelible mark he’s left on the racing world. His story serves as an inspiration to all racing enthusiasts, reminding us that a love for the sport can lead to a lifetime of unforgettable experiences.

One of Brett’s greatest regrets is that he has hardly any photographs of him race calling in the early years, so if anyone has any please make contact so we can get copies for him.

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