Family Food Hampers


Code: FFH        Total $713.10             $20.97 / week over 34 weeks


Family Food Hampers – Grocery;

1 Raspberry Cordial Golden Circle 2lt, 1 Praise Mayonnaise Traditional 470mg, 1 Crisco Vegetable Oil 750ml, 1 Strawberry Jelly F/Clark 85gm

1 Lime Jelly F/Clark 85gm, 1 Doritos Salsa Mild 300gm, 1 Vegemite 220gm, 1 Orange Juice G/Circle 2lt, 1 Corn Relish Black & Gold 400gm,

1 Dolimo Pasta Sce 500gm, 1 Wholegrain Mustard M/Foods 175gm, 1 Sunrice Premium White Longrain Rice 500gm, 1 BBQ Chips Smiths 170gm

1 Original Chips Smiths 170gm, 1 Plastic Desert Bowl B & G 10pk, 1 M & M’s Penut 180gm, 1 Plastic Oval Dinner Plates B & G 20pk

1 Foil Roaster Large Rectangle, 1 Alfredo Pasta Continental 145gm, 1 Milo 450gm, 1 Handee Towel Ultra 3pk,

1 Mixed Salted Peanuts Nobbys, 1 Nutri Grain 290gm, 1 Gravox Gravy Liquid Chicken & Herb 165gm, 1 Mars Bar Funsize 216gm 12pk

1 Candy Canes Red & White 144gm, 1 Sweetened Condensed Milk Nes 395gm, 1 Weet Bix 1.12kg

1 Arnotts Assorted Cream Biscuits 500gm, 1 San Remo Pasta Spirals Large 750gm, 1 San Remo Spaghetti 500gm, 1 Nutella Spread 400gm

1 Tim Tam Biscuits 200gm, 1 Gravox Gravy Liquid Traditional 250gm, 1 Bushells Tea Bags Blue Label 100’s, 1 Poppin Pop Corn 100gm

1 Zooper Dooper Water Ice 24 x 70ml, 1 Water Cracker Buscits Original Arnotts, 1 SPC Fruit Salad in Juice 825gm, 1 BBQ Shapes Arnotts 175gm

1 Hinez Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce 555gm, 1 Cadbury Chocolate Snack 200gm, 1 Lollies Part Mix B & G 200gm,

1 Smiths Chips Variety 20Pk 380gm, 1 Pancake Shaker Mix W/W 350gm, 1 IXL Breakfast Marmalaide 480gm,

1 Praise Coleslaw Dressing 330ml, 1 Praise Thousand Island Dressing 330ml,1 Ally Pink Salmon 210gm

1 G/Circ Corn Kernels 410gm, 1 SPC Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce 420gm, 1 Pineapple Thin Slices G/Circle 450gm, 1 Edgells Beetroot Sliced 425gm

1 Apple Sauce 333’s 250gm, 1 Cocktail Onions Red 150gm, 1 Moccona Coffee Classic 100gm, 1 Stuffing Mix Seasoned Tandaco 200gm

1 Macaroni & Cheese Continental Pasta Snack 220gm, 1 Cranberry Sauce/Jelly 275gm, 1 Greens Vanilla Cake Mix 470gm

1 Coco Pops Kellogs 375gm, 1 Coca Cola 30pk Cans 30 x 375ml, 1 Kirks Creamy Soda Cans 10pk x 375ml, 1 Kirks Lemonaide Cans 10pk x 375ml

1 BBQ Sause Fountain Squeeze Btl 500ml, 1 Tomato Sauce Fountain Squeeze Btl 500ml, 1 Ice Cream Cones Single 30pk B & G

1 Cup Noodles Chicken B & G 70gm, 1 Cup Noodles Beef B & G 70gm, 1 Foil Pie Pan 4pk B & G,1 Custard Vanilla F/Clark 1Lt,

1 Fantastic Rice Cracker Biscuits BBQ 100gm, 1 Mission Wraps 8pk, 1 Surviettes B/Gold 100’s, 1 Fresh Eggs 600gm Dzn,

1 Jatz Biscuits 225gm, 1 Full Cream Milk 3L,

1 John West Oysters Smoked in Veg oil 85gm, 1 Plum Pudding Balf 700gm,1 SPC Crushed Tomatoes 410gm, 1 Edgells Peas Green 420gm,

1 Edgells Asparagus Spears Green 425gm, 1 Fruit Salad in Natural juice G/Circle 440gm, 1 Cup Noodles Beef Fantastic 70gm,

1 Cup Noodles Chicken Fantastic 70gm, 1 John West Tuna Onion & Tomato Sauce 95gm, 1 John West Tuna in spring water 95gm,

Family Food Hampers – Deli;

1 Cherrios 1kg, 1 Bacon 1kg, 1 Ham Full Leg

Family Food Hampers – IGA Gift Card;

IGA Gift Card valued at $200 included in every Family Food Hamper. You can give it away as a gift or you can put it to great use for your family by using it to purchase all the other bits and pieces and special treats not already in your hamper.

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