Fresh Fruit & Veg Hampers


IGA Mills & Sons Cunnamulla has a large range of seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables delivered twice weekly on Tuesday and Friday. Fresh fruit and veg are stored in perfect condition to ensure optimal freshness and value for shoppers.

IGA Mills & Sons has been servicing the grocery needs of Cunnamulla and the region for more than 70 years.

Order your fresh fruit & veg hampers today and take the financial stress and worry out of your festive season and Christmas. Remember FREE Delivery is available for Cunnamulla town area on the date you choose!

Large – Fresh Fruit & Veg Hampers

Code: FFVLGE       Total $289.38             $8.51 / week over 34 weeks


Cherry Tomatoes 250gm | Continental Cucumber` | Watermelon Full Mandarines 1kg | Jap Pumpkin Whole | Rockmelon | Capsicum Red | Lettuce Iceberg | Carrots 1kg | Celery Full | Nectarines 1kg | Red Onions 1kg | Apricots 1kg | Broccoli 1.5kg | Pears 1.5kg | Cherries 1kg | Spring Onion | Strawberries 250gm | Bluberries 125gm | Corn on Cobb Prepack | Rocket Tub | Pickling Baking Onions 500gm | Brown Onions Medium 1kg | Tomatoes Small 1kg | Cauliflower whole | Cabbage Whole | Avocado x 3 | Peaches 1kg | Oranges Valencia 1.5kg | Kiwi Fruit x 6 | Mangoes x 4 | Sweet Potato Gold 1kg | Apples Medium 1.5kg | Pineapple | Bananas 1.5kg | Potatoes Brushed 5kg |

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Medium – Fresh Fruit & Veg Hampers

Code: FFVMED        Total $204.06             $6.00 / week over 34 weeks


Cherry Tomatoes 250gm | Continental Cucumber` | Watermelon Half | Mandarines x 4 | Jap Pumpkin Half | Rockmelon | Capsicum Red x 2 | Lettuce Iceberg | Carrots 1kg | Celery Half | Nectarines 750gm | Red Onions 750gm | Apricots 750gm | Broccoli 1kg | Pears 1kg | Cherries 500gm | Spring Onion | Strawberries 250gm | Bluberries 125gm | Corn on Cobb Prepack | Rocket Tub | Pickling Baking Onions 500gm | Brown Onions Medium 1kg | Tomatoes Small 1kg | Cauliflower Half | Cabbage Half | Avocado x 2 | Peaches 750gm | Oranges Valencia 1kg | Kiwi Fruit x 4 | Mangoes x 3 | Sweet Potato Gold 750gm | Pineapple | Bananas 1kg | Apples Medium 1kg | Potatoes Brushed 3kg |


Small – Fresh Fruit & Veg Hampers

Code: FFVSML        Total $131.06             $3.85 / week over 34 weeks


Cherry Tomatoes 250gm | Continental Cucumber` | Watermelon 1/4 | Mandarines 500gm | Jap Pumpkin 1/4 | Rockmelon 1/2 | Capsicum Red | Lettuce Iceberg | Carrots 1/2kg | Celery Half | Nectarines 500gm | Red Onions 500gm | Apricots 500gm | Broccoli 500gm | Pears 500gm | Cherries 250gm | Spring Onion | Strawberries 250gm | Rocket Tub | Pickling Baking Onions 500gm | Brown Onions Medium 1kg | Tomatoes Small 1kg | Cauliflower 1/2 | Cabbage 1/4 | Avocado x 1 | Peaches 500gm | Oranges Valencia 750gm | Kiwi Fruit x 2 | Mangoes x 1 | Sweet Potato Gold 500gm | Pineapple 1/2 | Bananas 750gm | Apples Medium 750gm | Potatoes Brushed 2kg |


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