St Patricks Day Cunnamulla


Club Boutique Hotel

15 Louise St

Cunnamulla, qld, Australia, 4490

St Patricks Day Cunnamulla 

St Paddy’s Day is just around the corner


Murder ME I’m IRISH St Patricks Day Murder Mystery Party at The Shakin’ Shamrock Pub (AKA Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla)

St Patrick Day Cunnamulla

When: 6.30pm Thursday 17 , March 2022

Where: The Shakin’ Shamrock Pub (AKA Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla)

RSVP by Sunday 13, March 2022 Ph: 0746 551 679 E: Web:


  • The ol place will be rockin’ and rollin’ with a full house of intriguing Irish gents and ladies from the quaint town of Old Lacken.
  • The hosts will kick the party games off with delectable Irish food, fun party games, and great chats between fabulous people.
  • However, some of the  customers are rivals and don’t get along – especially given the recent scandals lurking about in town.
  • The management of the Shakin’ Shamrock (AKA Club Boutique Hotel) is aware of the potential problems and promises to keep the party going without incident.

You scored a ticket to the St Paddy’s bash. This is where the story begins.

If you want to join in the fun you need to RSVP by Sunday 13, March 2022 as you will play a role in the Murder Mystery and we need to send you the role you will play and the murder details before the night.

We will get a pack of info out to you which will include the roll you will play, a name tag, the guest list, pre game round task cards, round 1 clue cards, murder mystery investigation sheets, fingerprint analysis report, to get you in character and in the game.

No charge to play just purchase your own drinks at the bar. We will have some great green drinks available and some lovely green cocktails!
An all you can eat buffet dinner will be available for $30p.p payable on the night if you choose to eat.


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