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Life Changing Experience Cooper Creek to Cunnamulla Bike Ride

Travel Tip

If you are travelling to Cunnamulla to prepare for the start of the Cooper Creek to Cunnamulla Bike Ride Club Boutique Hotel is well worth a close look for your accommodation, bottleshop needs, a cold beer or a meal.

The Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla hotel accommodation offers a range of one and two bedroom suites as well as safari glamping.

There is plenty of off street secure parking therefore you can relax and enjoy your surrounds.

You and your gear will be safe and sound.

The Club Boutique Hotel restaurant and bar is a great place to relax and meet some locals, above all try the Cunnamulla Characters Brewed or some Angove wines.

Our menu caters for all needs and will give you the fuel you need for your big bike journey ahead.

When your done wander down the hall and get into your bed for an amazing nights sleep.

As a result you’ll wake fresh as a daisy ready for your big adventure.

Directions to Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla.

Saturday 20 April 2019 – Cooper Creek to Cunnamulla Bike Ride (Day 1)

To clarify everyone makes their own way to the first camp, beside the Burke & Wills Bridge on the second crossing of Cooper Creek.

Travel Tip

Most importantly arrive early to ensure you visit the “Dig Tree” 19.75km. Here is a poem about an epic family and friends journey “Trip to Cooper & Hungerford”.

Cooper Creek Bike Ride Dig Tree

Sunday 21 April 2019 – Cooper Creek to Cunnamulla Bike Ride (Day 2)

Ride 110km from Burke and Wills Bridge to the camp site just past the first crossing of Cooper Creek.

Travel Tip

In addition take time to enjoy the beautiful surrounds of Cooper Creek. Cooper Creek is well known for its fishing for Yellow Belly so take a couple of hand lines.

Cooper Creek fishing for yellow belly Cooper Creek to Cunnamulla Bike Ride

Certainly the bird life will be worth a look particularly given most of the outback is suffering a severe drought. For Instance expect to see in excess of 50 varieties of Australian Native Birds.

Brolgas Cunnamulla Cooper Creek to Cunnamulla bike ride Australian native birds

Did you know when Burke and Wills named Cooper Creek it was in a drought. On the other hand when in full flood some parts are Cooper Creek are 40 miles wide which in reality makes it much more than a creek.

At night to look up and take advantage of the beautiful night skies where there will be millions of stars to enjoy.

Chris Hartley Photography night skies

Above all to see some great outback night sky photography follow Chris Hartley Photography, he is amazing.

Monday 22 April 2019 – Cooper Creek to Cunnamulla Bike Ride (Day 3)

Ride 110km to Noccundra, the camp site is on the Wilson River.

Travel Tip

The Wilson River is one of very few that are free of European Carp therefore loaded with fish. Certainly this is another great opportunity to throw in a line or maybe try your luck for some yabbies.

Ask Dogga Dare to help he is your camp cook and the master yabby man!

The Noccundra Hotel is a beautiful sandstone building that is well worth a look. Consequently after the big day’s ride you will enjoy an ice cold beer. Remember you will always learn more and have a better experience when you meet the locals.

Noccundra Hotel Cooper Creek to Cunnamulla Bike Ride

The Noccundra Hotel will be the perfect place to meet the locals!

Tuesday 23 April 2019 – Cooper Creek to Cunnamulla Bike Ride (Day 4)

Ride 139km to Thargomindah. The camp is at the Explorer’s Caravan Park.

Travel Tip

Thargomindah is an extremely progressive outback town therefore it’s well worth a ride or drive around the town.

If you can wrangle a local or a council employee to guide you as there is much to learn!

I would suggest Gillian Strong

Gillian Strong Thargomindah Cooper Creek to Cunnamulla Bike Ride


Geoff Pike

Geoff Pike Cooper Creek to Cunnamulla Bike Ride

if they are around! Meanwhile get Geoff to show you all about augmented reality.

You can see just how many new houses and facilities there as a result the shire has a super deal to attract home ownership.

Thargo was the third place in the world to have hydro electric power following London and Paris.

During your visit call in for a beer and meet a few locals at Bulloo River Hotel the home of Surley Shirley!

Wednesday 24 April 2019 – Cooper Creek to Cunnamulla Bike Ride (Day 5)

Ride 110km to Eulo. The camp will be at Eulo Queen Hotel.

Travel Tip

One of Outback Queensland’s signature tourist attractions is the Artesian Mud Baths at Eulo.

Above all treat yourself to this amazing experience and be sure to book so you are not disappointed. You can choose to do it in a group or individually. Remember it is guaranteed to take the wrinkles out of corrugated iron!

P.S. Consequently a mud bath could help cool down and ease the saddle soreness.

The Eulo Queen Hotel has experienced some major improvements that you can all take advantage of and boasts a new publican Colin Maise.

Have a beer with Col and the locals that’s the great thing about Outback Queensland, it’s super friendly and you’ll feel like Old Mates!

Thursday 25 April 2019 – Cooper Creek to Cunnamulla Bike Ride (Day 6)

Take the final leg of the ride to Cunnamulla 67km. Camp at Cunnamulla Cabins and Caravan Park.

Travel Tip

Arriving on Anzac day will see most shops and hotels closed. A group of locals usually stand near the fountain to clap you all in after the Anzac service.

In conclusion the Cunnamulla Anzac Day Races are a great relaxing day out and a great way to unwind after an epic bike journey.

Club Boutique Hotel has a range of craft beer “Cunnamulla Characters” brewed in honour of  local characters and is well worth a tasting or taking home a growler.

Beer & Wine O’Clock is celebrated 4pm daily and is a loads of fun with “Tall Tales” and great company.

Club Boutique Hotel restaurant will be open from 6pm if you’re looking to unwind, with a cold drink and have dinner.

Important Information for Participants in Cooper Creek to Cunnamulla Bike Ride

  • This is a fun ride, for the purpose of the permit all riders need to stay within a 20km group.
  • Every rider must make their own way out to the first camp site.
  • Riders are limited to 100. There is no limit on support personnel.
  • All meals are provided; including breakfast, smoko, lunch, afternoon smoko and dinner.
  • Volunteers and support personnel will carry extra water for riders.
  • Average temperatures will be around 28 degrees (sometimes warmer). Nights will be cool and a jumper may be needed.
  • All camping fees are paid. However, if you would like to upgrade, the cost is bourne by the participant.
  • The first two nights are camping only, you will need to bring your own swag. The organisers will try to provide a shower and toilet for these two nights at the camp site.
  • Limited insurance is provided for injuries, private medical insurance will cover similar.
  • All riders must check for oncoming traffic at all times, and must stop and walk the bike off the bitumen giving motor vehicles the right of way.
  • The road is almost completely sealed. From the Burke and Wills Bridge to Noccundra it is single lane bitumen so extra care must be taken.
  • It is recommended that everyone be able to ride at least 40-km easily before they go, and be able to do this several days in a row.
  • Please check with a doctor before entering the ride. If you appear to be struggling, the organisers will encourage you to take a break.

Your Cooper Creek to Cunnamulla Bike Ride entry fee covers;

  • The event co-ordinators will take all steps to protect your safety and well being but will not be liable for accidents or damage to you, other persons or equipment during the ride.

Further Information;

Karen Ticehurst

Paroo Progress Association

Mob: 0407 785 785

Information about 2018 Cooper Creek to Cunnamulla Bike Ride.

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